Peppino di Capri was born in Capri on July 27, 1939. Following in his father’s footsteps, he started playing the piano, by instinct, when he was only four years old. This “child prodigy” used to play, during the weekends, for General Clark and the American troops stationed in Capri and this influenced deeply all of his musical career.

He studied Classical Music for five years before he discovered Rock music, the new trend of the mid 50’s.

So, in the fall of ’58 he recorded his first album with his band “The Rockers” and songs like “Malatia”, “Let Me Cry” and “Nun è Peccato” gave them instant success. And that was only the beginning of a fabulous and long career!

In the five years that followed, Peppino records some more big hits like “Voce ‘e Notte”, “Nessuno al Mondo”, “Luna Caprese”, “Let’s Twist Again”, “St.Tropez Twist” and “Roberta”, that brought him to the top of the music charts.

In 1965 he opened the concerts of the only Italian tour of The Beatles. In 1970 he founded the Splash, his own Record Label and Recording Studio. In 1973 he wins the Festival of Sanremo with the song “Un Grande Amore e Niente Più” and, in December of the same year he launches “Champagne”, a song that will have a huge international success right away.

In 1976 he wins his second Festival of Sanremo with “Non Lo Faccio Più”.

In the following years he participates in many important tv shows and gathers a lot of support. In his career he will participate in 15 editions of the Festival of Sanremo with songs like “Il Sognatore”, “e mò e mò”, “Evviva Maria”, “Favola Blues”. In September ’98 he celebrates his first 40 years in the musical business with a show “Champagne, Di Capri di più”, recorded in the famous Piazzetta of Capri and aired on the national channel Rai Uno.

Since the fall of 2003 he recorded several albums like the live recorded “Peppino Di Capri in Tour”, “Napoli ieri Napoli oggi” an anthology with 80 of his best songs from 1970 to 2003 and some songs of the Neapolitan folk tradition. After that, he recorded “Juke-Box”, “Champagne”, “”, “Ad Occhi Chiusi… Napoli”.

In 2004 he wrote a book titled “Peppino di Capri. Il Sognatore” with the Italian jounalist Geo Nocchetti. In the book, following a sinusoidal path the artist talks about his artistic career and private life. In 2009 he is very active on the television and he also records “Collection 1 & 2”, album that keeps him on the top of the charts. He also launched “50˚”, a 2 DVD set with a live concert at the Parco della Musica of Rome on one disc and a selection of his best TV performances since the ’60 on the other disc.

Between 2007 and 2010 he composed the soundtrack for the fiction “Capri” and the 12 songs album “Magnifique with Orchestra”. This last work is a compilation of revisited international hits like “When I Fall in Love”, “L’Hymne à l’Amour”, “Cry”, “Solamente una Vez”, “I Love Paris/C’Est Magnifique” and of his own hits “Roberta”, “Champagne”, Nun è Peccato” and “Nessuno al Mondo”. The last track was an unpublished “Peppino Di Capri style” and it’s called “Cambiamo”.

All the songs of the album were arranged by the Conductor Antonello Cascone. In 2012 he goes on tour to promote this album and performs in many Italian and international Theatres.

In 2013 he goes again on tour in Theatres and the orchestra is conducted by his son Edoardo.

In 2014, in order to celebrate the 40 years anniversary of the song Champagne, Peppino produced a cartoon that finally explains the real meaning of the whole song.

On October 23,24 and 25, 2015 he went on a sold-out Brazilian tour, gathering a lot of success in the country. In November of the same year he finished the album “L’Acchiappasogni”, with 13 new songs. By the end of the year 2015 he is cast in the movie “Natale col Boss”, playing the role of both a mob boss and himself.

In the same period the album “Le Canzoni d’Amore” was launches. This cd is a compilation of Peppino’s most famous love songs like “Nessuno al Mondo”, “Me Chiamme Ammore”, “Un Grande Amore e Niente Più”, “Le Donne Amano”, and only the first track, that gave the name to the album, was unpublished. This record was not just a “Love Compilation”. In fact, all the songs represented milestones of the Italian easy listening music and were rearranged keeping their originality, demonstrating, if needed, that real music can look ahead in the future to be eternal.

For Christmas 2016, Peppino celebrated his 500th song launching three new singles: “I Miei Capelli Bianchi”, “Anche Se” and “Sogno di una Sera”. These tracks are part of the album “Una Musica Infinita”.

During the Spring of 2017 he went again on another sold-out tour in several Brazilian theatres, continuing the American tour in October in USA and Canada.

In May 2018 he celebrates his “first” 60 years of career in the oldest Theatre of the world which is still open, the San Carlo of Napoli.

A sold-out was registered just a few hours after the event came out, as a testimony of how many people love our Peppino.